Bottles with neck 22mm to 58mm
Space : Floor 9’ x 14’ Sq. Feet
Height : 3’ Feet
With 1 Die : 25 / 28 mm
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*Note: Can only be exported anywhere in India only.
All prices includes 18% G.S.T

The pp cap sealing machine makes sealing easy. In one rotation you can have a best smooth seal on you bottle. Pilfer proof caps are used majorly in pharmacy, cosmetics & food. Caps from 22 mm to 58 mm are supported by PP Cap Sealing Machine A-2.

Machine is delivered with single die fitted. Generally used die are of 25 & 28mm. You can choose your preference while making an order.

Few simple steps to seal cap using machine :
1) Push the hand knob down.
2) Place the bottle on base.
3) Release the knob up side.
4) Rotate the handle once.
5) Then again push the hand knob down.
6) Get the bottle out of base.

One can seal 15-20 bottles per minute.

- Simple to use
- Operated Manually
- Easy to clean
- Efficient and durable

*Note: Can only be exported anywhere in India only.
All prices includes 18% G.S.T

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